Return-to-Work Programs

Protect Your Most Valuable Assets.

_______________  Return-to-Work Programs

Workers compensation insurance covers financial needs associated with the employee’s recovery and down time for work-related injuries. Post-injury, return-to-work programs help integrate skilled employees back to their regular jobs, saving money and improving morale. All of this translates to lower claims costs, lower experience modifications, and lower premiums.

Reduce long-term absences and the costs associated with them.

Return-to-Work programs have one core principle: Bring employees back to work in some capacity as soon as their medical care provider agrees they are well enough to begin. Most often, workers return on light duty or shortened shifts that correspond to their state of recuperation. If an employee has been partially disabled, many companies will find a job that accommodates the impairment.

Under a return-to-work plan, an employee might learn a new skill or revive an old one. In some cases, a seasoned worker might take on a new role as a trainer or a mentor. In all cases, the employer makes it known that the employee is a valuable asset to the company whose presence is desired.

The DiNicola team can assist your organization in establishing a Return-to-Work Program. Get injured employees back on the job sooner with our resources for creating effective return to work programs:

  • Identification of light duty jobs
  • Development of an ADA-compliant written policy and job descriptions


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