Cyber Liability Insurance

Protect Against Unauthorized Access. 

_____________________ Cyber Liability Insurance

Data drives the organizations of today’s world. One stolen laptop, one careless employee, or a virus can create losses affecting your business for years to come. As technology becomes increasingly important for successful businesses, the value of a strong cyber liability insurance policy will only continue to grow.

What does a cyber liability policy generally cover?

  • Erroneous transmission of private data
  • Cyber theft of customers’ banking or credit card information
  • Reputational damage your firm might cause to another business or person via a blog post

You can also get coverage for costs you might incur to manage a cyber-related crisis, including legal costs. Additionally, some insurers offer business income coverage under a cyber security insurance policy that aids the policyholder if a network security breach disables income flow.  

Who Should Consider a Cyber Liability Policy?

Cyber Liability insurance is a must for any business that handles information electronically - and that covers most businesses today.

Standard business insurance policies don’t typically cover liability for activity in cyberspace. Problems can include privacy breaches, copyright infringement, libel, defamation, transmission of viruses, among others. Not only can you be held liable for damages you cause, costs associated with notifications and legal help can be astronomical.                                                                                                           

Here's How DiNicola Insurance Services Can Help

At DiNicola Insurance Services, we help our clients identify cyber protocols that create a defensive barrier to computer crime, and we offer a variety of cyber liability insurance policies that pay for costs associated with cyber errors and cyber crime, including damages caused to someone by your computer operations.  

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