As wholesalers and distributors, you have your own property to protect as well as the property of others, which is transported after a sale to the client. You face cargo theft as well as accidental losses of or damage to cargo in transit—both domestically and globally. There are also risks regarding property that has been purchased but not yet removed from the warehouse and complexities associated with multiple storage or work sites.

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With over 20 years of experience working with Bay Area businesses, DiNicola is uniquely qualified to help you understand your risks and tailor a program that covers all of your specific needs.

We can also assist with implementing loss control and risk management strategies that will help your business minimize losses and further reduce insurance premiums.

DiNicola also provides employee benefits programs to help businesses attract and retain talent. You’ll find choices and flexibility in the plans and products we offer, which is key in today’s benefits environment.

We can help you provide your employees with Consumer-Driven Health Plans; Group Health, Life, Long-Term Care, and Disability; Retirement programs; Voluntary Benefits; and Wellness Programs.

solutions unique to the wholesale industry.

For wholesalers, there are risks associated with buildings, office equipment as well as purchased property not yet removed from the warehouse.

Workers who deliver, load and unload goods must have insurance. You should have forklift Insurance, which is separate from other equipment and vehicle coverages. With the rate of internal theft, a crime insurance policy is important. For those who ship overseas, consider ocean marine insurance for your cargo and global business insurance.

We offer business income from dependent properties coverage, product liability and product recall insurance, brands and labels coverage, inland marine for your movable or specialty property, operations and premises liability, and automatic changes in contents coverage limits based on seasonal fluctuations in inventory. 


The costs associated with a business insurance policy are small compared with the large risks that you’ll be protected against. Our insurance is a collection of protective insurance policies for any business owner to protect against some of the greatest risks in business. It can shield you from losses arising from property, employee, or customer claims. Why do I need insurance protection? Your business is valuable; don’t let another day go by without shutting the door on risk. It’s easy and quick to get a no-risk quote for a business insurance policy. Just fill out this simple form and within a day, we will be in touch to find out more about your business and goals. 


Understandably, price is always a concern. We will advise you, based on the business you're in and the risks you face and you are in control of what types and amounts of coverage you want to pay for, and when. So it can be surprisingly affordable. Talking to a local resource you can trust is the first priority.

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