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Take Control of Your Workers' Compensation Costs. 

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Worker’s Compensation is getting more complicated every day. And since businesses in California are required to carry Workers' Compensation insurance, it is an expense and a protection that every company has but premiums differ. How can you make sure your business isn’t paying more than its fair share?

Cost-Cutting Steps Will Give You a Different Perspective.

Realize your company's full potential for cost savings with a complete mod analysis by DiNicola Insurance Services. With access to the nation’s premier workers’ compensation cost control system, we help clients understand their mod rating and provide them with ways to significantly save on their workers’ compensation premiums. Using your loss history information, we can work together to create a targeted loss control program to decrease your total costs. 

With our Experience Mod Management Service, we help clients: 

Discover cost drivers

We expose problem areas and understand the full impact of the mod. We examine loss trends to better understand why your losses happen and how to prevent them. From there, we can help you explore and act on opportunities for improvement.

Control costs

By refining our focus, we can develop powerful, customized loss control solutions. We make the most of strategic cost-saving opportunities to improve your workers’ compensation program and decrease your costs.

Stay ahead of losses

Mod analysis can better prepare you for the future. Increase the accuracy of your cost allocation and risk management decisions. Know what to expect by forecasting for future concerns, like changes in payroll or loss trends.

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