Loss Control

Identify Your Risk Exposures.

Loss Control

Most companies carry some business insurance, but many don’t make the time to establish a loss-control plan. At DiNicola Insurance Services, our experienced professionals don’t just sell insurance. We also provide risk management services that can help you minimize losses.

Our assessments and training prepare your business for the future.

For each business sector, there are specific issues unique to that niche. Your DiNicola Insurance Services advisor is acquainted with the special hazards faced in each of the industries we insure, so you can expect us to be an active partner in your development of risk control measures. Our risk management advisors keep abreast of OSHA requirements as well as state and federal laws that affect your business and can recommend safety programs and other quality practices that reduce your risk exposure.

We work with top-rated insurers who support our clients in their loss-control efforts. Programs include training, safety reviews, informational bulletins and posters, online services, screenings, background checks, and benchmarking tools. There are programs for all types of businesses and all lines of insurance. 

We can help you cut costs with an effective loss control action plan starting today. Collaborating with you, we offer the following services and much more:

  • Evaluation of current programs, policies and procedures.
  • Statistical analysis of workers’ compensation losses, OSHA 300 logs and loss runs.
  • Identification of problem areas.
  • Review of experience modifiers for accuracy.
  • Development, execution and continued supervision of a loss control action plan.
  • Development of new written safety policies and programs.

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