Claims Management

Your First Call if You Have a Claim.

Claims Management

While some claims are simpler than others, all involve some sort of property damage, loss or injury—whether it is physical, financial, or emotional. If your business has been shut down by a catastrophe of some sort or an employee or patron has been seriously hurt, you have more to think about than paperwork and red tape.

We stay involved during the entire claims process.

A claim experience of any kind can be dizzying if you have to go it alone. That’s why DiNicola Insurance Services provides claims management services for our clients. Our experienced professionals are there to receive your claim and help you through the entire process. We work with you and your insurer to facilitate communications and help you understand your policy to the fullest.

We help you understand your policy, facilitate communications with your insurer, and return to normal again as soon as possible.

  • Property damage claims: Burglary, theft, water damage, fires, wind
  • Bodily injury claims: Customer slips and falls
  • Workers’ compensation claims: On-the-job injury to employees
  • Vehicle accident claims: Insured business vehicle collisions

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