Workers Compensation Insurance 

Like an Airbag for Your Business.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Workers' Compensation insurance is mandatory for businesses in California with employees. When trouble strikes, it deploys to help your employee get back to work as fast as possible, minimizing the damage to your business. If that seems like a luxury, keep in mind, things happen. Imagine having to pay for a slip-and-fall accident or a case of carpal tunnel syndrome out of your business checking account.

What Does a Workers' Comp Insurance Policy Generally Cover?

Since workers' compensation insurance typically only covers injuries or illesses when they occur as a result of duties performed on the job or while at work, the scope of coverage of the policy is limited to duties performed by employees. These covered injuries can include lifting heavy equipment, slipping on a wet surface or sustaining an injury due to fires or explosions. Coverage generally includes:

  • Medical bills for employees hurt or sickened at work.
  • Ongoing care, including rehabilitation.
  • Wages missed while recovering (often partial).
  • Funeral expenses, if an employee is killed on the job.
  • Death benefits to support the deceased's family.
  • Lawsuits brought by injured employees.

What if the injury is caused by employee carelessness?

Under normal circumstances, fault does not matter in a workers' compensation claim and  each state has its own workers' compensation system, which is a mandated program to compensate employees who are injured in a workplace accident or rendered ill because of the job.

It’s designed to ensure payment by employers for some part of the cost of injuries, or in some cases, of occupational diseases, received by employees in the course of their work.

Here's How DiNicola Insurance Services Can Help:

We will conduct a thorough review of your experience mod to identify errors that generate retroactive refunds when corrected. From there, we will access our workers’ compensation cost-control system to ultimately decrease your premium costs. We will work with you to help with safety reviews and risk management programs to reduce future on the job injuries and illness. Our risk management specialists will also help you create employee education plans and strategies to minimize injury and illness.

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