Group Long-term Care

Help employees protect their retirement savings. 

As the baby boomer population has aged, employers have been increasingly confronted with the long-term care needs of employees. The cost of long-term care is often not completely covered by health insurance, and in some cases, the specific kind of care that’s needed isn’t covered at all. Help employees protect their retirement savings.

We've Got You Covered.

DiNicola Insurance Services offers Group Long-Term Care insurance that covers costs associated with care received at home, in the community or in a specialized facility, such as a nursing home, assisted living, or respite care. It can be offered as an employer-paid or a voluntary benefit paid for by participants and can be made available to employees only, or expanded to include family members. 

In addition to Group Long-Term Care, we offer other Employee Benefit products and programs that accommodate a wide range of business needs—from health plans to retirement accounts, from employer-paid to employee-financed.

Your DiNicola Insurance Services advisor will conduct a review of your staffing and budgeting and become familiar with your corporate culture in order to find options that are best suited to your needs.

Group Long-Term Policies Benefit Employers, Too.

As the senior generation of workers has found, long-term care requirements of family members can sap a family’s finances, leaving little or nothing in the retirement account.

The demands can cause distraction at work and absenteeism. For these reasons, many companies include group Long Term Care (LTC) in their employee benefits menu.

An employer-sponsored group policy offers advantages to the company as well as the employee. There are tax deductions for employers, and benefits from qualified plans are tax-free to the recipient. In some cases, health savings account funds can be applied to premiums.

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