Errors & Omissions Insurance

For Service Providers. 

___________________ Errors and Omissions Insurance

Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance has many names. Some in healthcare call it malpractice insurance while some lawyers call it professional liability insurance. Whatever name it goes by, it is designed to protect you or your company from damages if you fail them through an error or negligence.

What does an E&O policy generally cover?

  • Covers professional services firms from costs that occur when a client alleges that mistakes or negligence on the part of the firm or its employees caused financial damage or personal injury.
  • Some policies also cover the failure of products a firm designs.

who should consider E&O insurance?

While E&O insurance is commonly associated with professionals such as doctors, lawyers, and financial advisors, anyone in the business of providing a service for a fee should consider obtaining coverage. Whatever your profession, try to imagine your potential liability if the work performed by you or your employees was not properly done

Here's How DiNicola Insurance Services Can Help:

At DiNicola Insurance Services, our advisors can help you defend against E&O claims through good risk management practices and a solid insurance program.

Your DiNicola Insurance Services advisor will help you select a policy based on your company’s bylaws, risks, and management structure.