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________________ Disaster Recovery

The key to successfully reopening after a disaster is having a recovery plan in place before catastrophe strikes. There are multiple elements of a good disaster response plan: from a communications protocol to data backup to insurance and everything in between.

a good plan and good insurance will give you a leg up in recovery.

Catastrophes come in all forms, including weather, equipment failure, violence, malicious attacks to software or computer systems, supply chain disruptions, reputational harm, or simply fire or grand-scale theft. Some are the result of errors or omissions made by your firm, practice, or clinic. In all cases, a good plan and good insurance will give you a leg up in recovery.

Our risk management specialists are well versed in disaster recovery planning across a broad spectrum of industries. As your insurance advisor, we will examine your risks and make recommendations on how best to prepare your business for a calamitous event. When you have a clear plan and solid insurance, you can rest easy knowing that you have done the most you can to protect your business from failure should a disaster strike.

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