Umbrella & Excess Liability

Weathering Liability Storms with Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Your commercial insurance policies may be solid as well as comprehensive, but what are your limits of coverage? Is the maximum payout that your insurer offers enough, considering the large damage awards juries give and the rising medical costs associated with bodily injury claims?

A business Umbrella insurance policy expands the capacity of your primary commercial liability policies to provide extra payments for very large losses. This Excess Liability insurance can be used to increase your coverage for business auto liability, property damage liability, liability for personal injury to third parties, employment practices liability and many other business insurance liability policies you carry.

You also can purchase commercial umbrella insurance that covers risks that are excluded from your primary commercial liability policies. Payout under this type of policy is often triggered after your loss exceeds your deductible or “retention.”

Some insurers will allow their Umbrella insurance to cover policies you have with other insurers, which could be very attractive if you have a program of insurance you particularly like or don’t want to change.

Your DiNicola Insurance Services advisor can conduct a review of your full insurance portfolio, including your limits of insurance for each coverage, and advise you on trends in judgments and settlements that could affect your out-of-pocket liability.

Get broader coverage with excess liability and umbrella insurance.

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