Six Productivity Tips for Hybrid Employees

| August 11, 2022

The hybrid work model continues to evolve—and is a significant departure from the traditional 9-5 workweek. McKinsey recently reported that 92 million (58%) Americans have the opportunity to work from home part-time. Although hybrid work is increasingly popular among employers, there are some concerns and negative perceptions about employee productivity. According to a Microsoft report, 54% of leaders say the shift to hybrid work has negatively impacted productivity.

Switching between workplaces may be a change, but it doesn’t need to cause your productivity to decline. Here are some tips that may help boost your productivity as a hybrid employee:

  1. Maximize your schedule. Plan tasks based on where you’ll be working. You may find tasks that require focus are best at home, while collaborative tasks and meetings are better suited for the office. Different locations may spur creativity and focus in different ways.
  2. Maintain a consistent schedule. Your schedule at home should be consistent with your office schedule. Blocking your calendar each week can help you stay productive and maintain a healthy work/life balance.
  3. Mirror your office setup at home. Maintain the same organization at home that you use in the office. Keep your items in the same place on your desk. Consider which items are worth having at each location and which are worth shuttling between workplaces to save time.
  4. Leverage technology. Using technology, such as digital communication, project management tools and cloud-based platforms, can make it easier to jump into any project and stay productive wherever you work.
  5. Continue communicating with your manager and coworkers. Hybrid work may cause you to miss out on crucial information or lose focus of your manager’s expectations. Using company communication channels and regularly checking in with your manager and peers can help you stay connected and updated on the most recent information and expectations.
  6. Connect regularly with your co-workers. Feelings of social isolation can lead to a decline in your productivity. Find creative ways to have fun with co-workers even when working remotely, like playing games or virtual happy hours. This can reenergize you and counter feelings of burnout.

While no two work environments are the same, these tips are worth considering as you build a long-term hybrid work routine that is effective and efficient. Communicate with your manager about what is working and what could be improved. Make adjustments when necessary, and when issues arise, keep trying.