Enhancing Restaurant Security: A Proactive Approach

Enhancing Restaurant Security: A Proactive Approach

| May 16, 2024

Restaurants can be easy targets for thieves. Dim lighting, high customer traffic, and a fast-paced work environment can make it challenging for staff to detect suspicious activity. However, implementing a comprehensive security program can significantly reduce these risks and safeguard your business from costly disruptions. 

What You Can Do Outside: 

    • Outdoor Lights: It may seem simple, but lighting can have a huge effect on effect on building security, as criminals prefer to target
      places where their actions can easily be concealed by darkness. Make sure entrance ways, walking paths and parking lots are adequately lit. Motion-detecting lights are also helpful near doors that are not often used.

    • Locks: Again, a simple security measure that is also essential. Front doors should always be locked during non-business hours. Any back doors that are used for emptying garbage or employee breaks should remain locked at all times. If a back door is used frequently, install a key card entry system on the door. With this method, lock the door and turn the key card system off after business hours to further increase security. After locks are installed, they must be checked regularly to ensure they stay in working order. Also, keep an eye on the condition of doors. If they fall into disrepair, their effectiveness as a method of protection will be weakened

    • Landscaping: A well-landscaped property can improve security at your restaurant in several ways. First, a well-maintained property gives the impression that the premise is under the supervision of attentive management, so show your presence by keeping the
      grounds well groomed. Also, just like poor lighting, an overgrowth of bushes and trees may create blind spots that can be used to conceal criminal activity. When choosing plants to be placed around windows and doors, pick ones that will remain relatively short, and trim them regularly

Additional Security Measures: 

    • Security Cameras: Deciding to install security cameras depends on the individual situation. Often, such measures are not needed on the building’s exterior to provide the reasonable amount of security required of restaurant owners, but they can be beneficial in situations where a specific security concern may need extra attention. If the property is located in a high-crime area, security cameras or even on-site personnel may be necessary. 

    • Buddy System for Opening/Closing: Implement a buddy system for opening and closing the restaurant. Before closing, conduct thorough checks of restrooms and other areas to ensure no one remains after hours. 

    A comprehensive security program is an investment in the long-term success of your restaurant. By implementing the measures outlined above and fostering a culture of vigilance among your staff, you can create a secure environment for your business and your customers.