Own a Brewery? Some Tips on Insurance and Risk Mitigation

| May 11, 2023

While breweries are a popular business venture, they can also be risky. From natural disasters to equipment failures to employee accidents, there are things that can go wrong. With that in mind, it's important for breweries to have a comprehensive insurance policy and to implement risk mitigation strategies.

Types of Insurance to Consider

There are a number of different types of insurance that breweries should consider, including:

  • General liability insurance: This type of insurance protects you from lawsuits arising from injuries to people or damage to property on your property.
  • Commercial property insurance: This type of insurance protects your brewery's property from damage or loss due to fire, theft, vandalism, and other perils.
  • Workers' compensation insurance: This type of insurance is required by law in most states. It provides benefits to employees who are injured on the job, regardless of fault.
  • Business interruption insurance: This type of insurance covers your lost revenue and expenses if your brewery is forced to close due to a covered loss, such as a fire or flood.
  • Cyber insurance: This type of insurance protects you from financial losses caused by data breaches, cyberattacks, and other cyber incidents.

Risk Mitigation

In addition to having the right insurance, breweries should also implement risk mitigation strategies. These strategies can help to reduce the likelihood of accidents and disasters, and they can also help to minimize the damage if something does happen.

Some of the most important risk mitigation strategies for breweries include:

  • Proper safety training: All employees should receive proper safety training. This training should cover topics such as safe lifting techniques, fire safety, and chemical handling.
  • Regular equipment maintenance: All equipment should be regularly maintained. This will help to prevent equipment failures.
  • Adequate security: Breweries should have adequate security measures in place to deter theft and vandalism.
  • A disaster plan: Every brewery should have a disaster plan in place. This plan should outline what to do in the event of a fire, flood, or other disaster.

By having the right insurance and implementing risk mitigation strategies, breweries can help to protect themselves from financial losses and other problems. Contact DiNicola Insurance Services for more information and guidance.