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Understanding San Francisco Professional Liability Insurance

Understanding San Francisco Professional Liability InsuranceUnderstanding San Francisco Professional Liability Insurance


Last month, we briefly touched on the different types of San Francisco Liability insurance policies exist, stating that general liability insurance is the most basic and absolutely necessary insurance coverage your business will need.

General liability insurance, however, is just the beginning. Business owners and managers must look beyond this coverage to their greater needs; companies that provide professional services or advice for a fee need protection from costs that will occur when a client alleges that mistakes or negligence caused financial damage or personal injury to the consumer.

Professional Liability Insurance coverage goes by different names, depending on the field of work. For example, for doctors it’s called medical malpractice insurance while for real estate agents it’s called errors & omissions insurance. What many company leaders don’t realize is that San Francisco professional liability insurance is a specialty coverage that is not provided under a standard business liability program.

Some business owners also mistakenly believe that they don’t need San Francisco professional liability insurance coverage, thinking that it’s not worth the cost or that they will never face a claim. It’s important to remember, however, that even one mistake could lead to an expensive professional liability loss. Not only that, but even an accusation can lead to a costly lawsuit, even if the claim is completely unfounded.

At DiNicola, we understand the unique risks you face as a business owner, and in addition to our standard San Francisco Business Insurance policies, we also provide comprehensive San Francisco Professional Liability Insurance for a number of professions. Please contact us today for more information at (855) 247-1912.

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