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SF Wholesaler Insurance: Inventory and Loss Control

SF Wholesaler Insurance: Inventory and Loss Control  SF Wholesaler Insurance Inventory and Loss Control

Inventory reporting is a complex processes for most wholesalers. Tracking shipments, receiving goods, inventory processing, storage and organization all set to a demanding and fast paces schedule. No two San Francisco wholesale operations are exactly alike, but nearly all operations struggle with exposures to losses, especially when it comes to inventory.

One common exposure to losses comes from the vast array of accounting, stock tracking and recordkeeping methods used by wholesalers. For example, the sheer volume of goods being processed and handled every day, make it difficult to monitor inventory accurately.  Human error and theft are also frequent examples loss exposures. Losses from such exposures can become costly complications for San Francisco wholesalers and result in large losses. Simplifying and automating the data entry, record keeping, shipment tracking and inventory logging system by using can help reduce human error and prevent losses. Additionally, reducing on-hand inventory amount can help minimize the likelihood of overstock and unsold items resulting in lower operational costs.

Another common factor contributing to inventory loss comes from transportation. As a wholesaler, shipping and receiving goods is a critical component to your operation, however when there is an unexpected hitch in the supply chain, San Francisco wholesalers can experience severe losses. Supply chain interruptions, such as faulty products, recalls, and food contamination, can also lead to business interruption and liability exposures for wholesalers.

Planning ahead for loss exposures is essential to protect any operation from financial hardship. At DiNicola Insurance Services we perform a risk analysis for our clients which goes beyond the basics. We not only provide a comprehensive array of business insurance products, but also help San Francisco warehouses establish loss control and risk management strategies to protect their operation. Our SF Wholesaler Insurance specialists can help find creative and affordable solutions to meet the specific needs of your operation. To learn more about our SF Wholesaler Insurance programs, give us a call today at (855) 247-1912.

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