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SF Restaurant Insurance: Do You Deliver?

SF Restaurant Insurance: Do You Deliver?

SF Restaurant Insurance Do You Deliver

While once limited to pizza and Chinese food, take-out and delivery has recently been adopted by restaurants and eateries of all types and sizes. Over the last decade fast-casual eateries, casual dining restaurants and even fine dining establishments have dipped their toes into the lucrative service of take-out and delivery offerings. However, while these services can be extremely profitable, there are additional risk exposures a restaurant takes on when they decide to offer such services. Before you commit to adding “we deliver” and “order to-go” to your San Francisco operation’s offerings, here a few hazards your operation should prepare for.

Food Safety– Food quality and safety during packaging, transport and reheating can be a huge liability concern for operations offering take-out or delivery services. Food is more likely to become contaminated or compromised when temperatures fluctuate or fall into the Food Danger Zone. As always, it is vital that chefs and food handlers ensure that all consumable goods are kept at the appropriate temperatures while waiting to be picked up by the customer or while in transit. It is important to ensure that containers will withstand transport without leaking or breaking, and that hot foods remain separated from cold items. When food is mishandled or improperly stored, increase their risk exposure to legal complications and regulatory review.

Employee Injury– Whenever employees leave your business premises on work related duties, employers are responsible for their safety and wellbeing. Should an employee suffer an illness, injury or loss in connection to their work activities on or off the primary business premises, they may be entitled to workers compensation benefits. Offering a delivery services will inevitably increase the number of risks an employee may face while preforming their job junctions, especially in circumstances out of the restaurant owner’s control. In return, employers may become exposed to more frequent or severe liability and personal injury claims.

Business Owned Auto– Another risk involved with offering delivery services is potential business or third party property damage. While you may enforce rigorous safety precautions and standards for your drivers, restaurant owners cannot control what might happen out on the road.  Vehicles used for business purposes, their drivers, and you as the employer run the risk of litigation or other exposures to loss should your drivers gets into an accident or causes property damage while operation a company vehicle. While your SF restaurant operation may already have liability and workers’ compensation coverage, establishments that run vehicle-based delivery services, should invest in business automobile insurance, regardless of whether these vehicle are business owned or employee-owned.

At DiNicola Insurance Services, we understand the countless risk exposures the food service industry faces. That’s why our business insurance professionals proudly specialize in helping San Francisco restaurants navigate all those risks and hazards. We can help craft a comprehensive SF restaurant insurance program customized to fit the unique and specific needs of your eatery. We can even help provide the coverage you need should your facility experience unexpected business interruption or a food contamination scare. Give our SF restaurant insurance specialist a call today at (855) 247-1912, to learn more about the best risk management solutions for you.

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