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SF Restaurant Insurance: Common Health Code Violations

SF Restaurant Insurance: Common Health Code Violations SF Restaurant Insurance Common Health Code Violations

Each year, Environmental Health Inspectors investigate over 7,000 locations in San Francisco including restaurants, bars, markets, bakeries, food trucks, and any countless other facility that serves food to the public, checking for compliance will all health code rules and requirements. After an inspection, the Environmental Health Inspector calculates an establishment’s compliance score based on the number and types of violations observed. Different violations reflect different levels of risk to the public’s health and safety, for example major violations pose an imminent public health danger and often require immediate correction and/or closure of a facility.

In some cases, a routine inspection can turn into a major nightmare for restaurant owners and managers, whose establishment may not always be up to code for one reason or another. Navigation San Francisco health code regulations can be tricky, especially with all the nuances, but compliance is not optional if you wish to keep serving your customers now and for years to come. Some of the most common major health code violations include:

  • Ill food handlers. Classified as a communicable disease violation, employers who allow sick employees to work in conjunction with the preparation, serving or handling of food goods are in direct violation of the CA health code. Employees known to have any transmittable disease or ailment should be assigned alternative tasks that will not allow them to come in contact with the food goods, or release them from their duties for the duration of their illness. Furthermore, gloves and finger protection should always be worn if an employee has cuts, sores, or rashes or other open wounds.
  • Improper or lack of hand washing. Hand washing is always a challenge when trying to balance cleanliness with efficiency. By law employees are required to wash their hands before beginning work, before handling food/equipment/utensils and as often as necessary during food preparation to remove any potential source of contamination. This includes after using towels and rags to wipe down counters and tables, after touching any body parts or clothing, handling used dishes, and many other situations where potential contamination may occur.
  • Improper food preparation and storage. There are strict regulations concerning the proper food preparation, storage and holding practices which mandate everything from required practices and cooking temperatures to storage lengths of time and labeling. All information regarding the necessary food handling requirements is available on the San Francisco Department of Health website.
  • Plumbing problems. Any food service establishment cannot operate if while they are encountering plumbing problems which lead to sewage backs up into the facility, grease trap over flows or clogs, or lack of functioning toilets. All liquid waste must drain to an approved fully functioning sewage disposal system and solid waste must be stored and handled appropriately.
  • Pests. Every food facility should be free of rodents, roaches, flies, and other vermin which could contaminate food goods. It is the responsibility of the restaurant owners and managers to oversee that proper and lawful pest control practices are followed. This includes adherence to any environmental impact regulations regarding safe pest management and pesticide usage.

At DiNicola Insurance Services, we understand the countless risk exposures the food service industry faces. That’s why our business insurance professionals proudly specialize in helping San Francisco restaurants navigate all those risks and hazards. We can help craft a comprehensive SF restaurant insurance program customized to fit the unique and specific needs of your eatery. We can even help provide the coverage you need should your facility experience unexpected business interruption or a food contamination scare. Give our SF restaurant insurance specialist a call today at (855) 247-1912, to learn more about the best risk management solutions for you.

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