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SF Microbrewery Insurance: The Craft Beer Era

SF Microbrewery Insurance the Craft Beer Era

SF Microbrewery Insurance: The Craft Beer Era 


Craft breweries have been on the rise in the last decade, skyrocketing into popularity among consumers for their variety, flavor and quality. The artisan beverage industry is increasing in popularity across the nation with over 2,700 craft breweries in operation. Some governing agencies are even hopping on board to promote industry growth and development, in hopes of stimulating local economic growth.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is investing $6 million in state funds in the marketing of local beer and cider producers and has vowed to rework legal hurdles impeding the growth of the industry. His interest in craft beer production is not limited to his enthusiasm for the beverage; rather he understands the value local food and beverage producers bring to a community. Artisanal production inspires competition, diversity, community building and presents a great opportunity to capitalize on these businesses to increase local tourism.

Industry associations are eager to promote local crafters for similar reasons. Celebrations and food themed festivals across the nation can generate massive revenue for all parties involved.  After the success of San Francisco’s Beer Week were over 80 microbreweries from northern California showcased their goods, the artisanal beer industry is clearly on the rise. Reports from the SF Beer Week indicate that the event saw a 41% increase in community participation and boosted the economic growth of hundreds of participants. New York saw similar enthusiasm during their Craft Beer Week, which also took place in February, where dozens of businesses showcased New York City based breweries.

According to the Brewers Association, craft breweries provide over 100,000 jobs through the U.S. and saw an estimated growth of roughly 20% in 2013. The Northern California Brewer’s Guild reports the membership of nearly 100 commercial sized craft breweries in the area. The San Francisco Bay Area alone is home to dozens of microbreweries which produce an immense variety of beers, ciders and spirits. Many Bay area origin beers rank among the Beer Advocate’s Top 250 Best Beers.

Thinking about starting your own microbrewery or expand your current operation? Now might be the prime opportunity for your budding interests to bubble over into a lucrative career.

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