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San Jose Restaurant Insurance: 2014 Food Industry Trends

San Jose Restaurant Insurance Valuable Food Industry Trends

San Jose Restaurant Insurance: 2014 Food Industry Trends

San Jose restaurants are constantly faced with operational challenges, but the one of the hardest hurdles restaurants face is attracting and retaining customers. Staying competitive in the fast paced, highly competitive food industry requires that your operation adapts to changes in consumer expectations, mentalities and concerns.  Keeping up with the latest trends can be a challenge for many restaurants, but understanding industry trends and anticipating market desires can be the difference between a full house and closing up shop.

At DiNicola Insurance Services we are dedicated to helping our Bay area clients succeed. That’s why we offer the most comprehensive San Jose Restaurant Insurance in the area. We have researched a list of the top industry trends to help your eatery stay on the cutting edge and off the cutting board. According to recent US Food Service Reports by industry research group Mintel, the top food service industry trends include:

  • Quick, casual and customizable dining. Research indicates that consumers are constantly looking for speedy service in all dining environments. An increased demand for more casual eateries that offer healthier alternatives to traditional fast-food has arisen from a more health conscious consumer mentality.  There is also a growing emphasis on customization of meals as more diners are looking to exercise personal choice in their dining experience.
  • Incorporation of technology. Many restaurants have incorporated tablets and digital technology to streamline order taking, queuing systems and checkout processes to address the demand for increased speed and efficiency of service. Eateries are also placing more emphasis on their social media outreach efforts and mobile applications in order to facilitate easy access to menus, company values and promotions.
  • Healthy and Ethical ingredients. Statistics show that consumers are increasingly willing to pay slightly more for food they deem higher quality. Nutrition, dietary needs and quality of products are highly considered by consumers when selecting a restaurant. Offering dishes that are conscientious of special dietary restrictions, such as veganism or gluten-free needs, is quickly becoming an industry standard rather than a diversification tactic, and may soon become necessary to remain competitive across the food industry. Most consumers seek out eateries with similar ethos to their own which creates a greater emphasis on full transparency about business practices. Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of sustainable food sourcing, ethical production and environmental impacts, and are supporting establishments that project similar values similar to their own.
  • Appealing to your audience. Understanding your target demographic and adapting to their changing desires can give your business a competitive edge, especially when serving a specific niche clientele. Expanding your current marketing efforts to incorporate untapped customer pools can be a successful tactic for generating new business. It is helpful to first identify which consumers you are already drawing in as well as any lulls in your current customer base in order to more effectively plan any effort to entice new diners.

At DiNicola we specialize in anticipating the needs of our clients in the ever changing food service industry. Our San Jose Restaurant Insurance policies offer a full range of inclusions, which can help keep any competitive restaurant protected from liability exposures. As specialists in this area, we offer additional enhancements specifically targeted to the San Jose Restaurant Industry such as Liquor Liability, food contamination, food-borne illness, valet protection and much more. For more information about any of our offerings call us today at (855) 247-1912.

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