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San Francisco Wellness Programs: National Employee Wellness Month

San Francisco Wellness Programs National Employee Wellness MonthSan Francisco Wellness Programs: National Employee Wellness Month

June marks National Employee Wellness Month. It is an annual initiative that showcases how prevention in the workplace can help improve productivity, lower healthcare costs and create a healthy workplace culture.

As we near the end of June, it is important to remember that the employee wellness message should extend far beyond the constraints of a single month. Healthy employees are more productive, happier and healthier overall. It benefits not only their personal quality of life but the company as well. Here are some wellness statistics to remind employers while employee wellness is so crucial and some things to keep in mind when implementing an employee wellness plan for your office.

  • 87% of employees say that they considered health and wellness offerings when choosing an employer.
  • 70% of employees say that wellness program have a positive influence on workplace culture. Workplace habits are not only influence by their colleagues but also spouses/partners and children.
  • Communication is key. Employees must understand the program to take full advantage of it. Only 51% if employees surveyed had a good understanding of how to participate in health and wellness programs, effectively diminishing its potential benefits. Companies must implement a communication strategy with their wellness plans to ensure employees actively engage in the program.
  • Measuring impact is essential. It is important that employees not only participate in wellness programs but track their progress so they can see tangible results. It not only shows the ROI on employers’ investment in wellness programs, but is a tool to help employees stay engaged.

Don’t let the high cost of health insurance get you and your employees down. Our San Francisco wellness programs can assist policyholders with healthy lifestyle actions that can lead to reduced medical expenses. Make wellness a part of your company’s culture. Contact DiNicola Insurance Services today for more information. (855) 247-1912

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