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San Francisco Restaurant Insurance: Slip and Fall Injuries Part 2

San Francisco Restaurant Insurance: Slip and Fall Injuries Part 2San Francisco Restaurant Insurance: Slip and Fall Injuries Part 2

As discussed in a post earlier this year, San Francisco Restaurant Insurance: Slip and Fall Injuries Part 1, slips or falls are the number one cause of accidents in both restaurants and hotels. They account for a total of 27% of all workers’ compensation claims and 30% of all general liability claims. According to the National Safety Council, over 275,000 injuries among U.S. general industries were caused by slips, trips, and falls in 2008. So as a restaurant owner or manager, what can you do to ensure the safety of yourself and your staff? The following are some simple ways to reduce the probability of a slip and/or fall on wet or slippery floors.

  • Install slip-resistant floor surface or use anti-skid adhesive tape in high-traffic areas.
  • Use absorbent matting in entrance ways during inclement weather or in areas where walkers may pass through puddles.
  • Maintain good housekeeping throughout all work areas.
  • Immediately clean up spills and leaks.
  • Wear proper footwear and encourage employees to do the same, for better traction on slippery surfaces.
  • Conduct periodic inspections of the property and grounds to identify and correct trip hazards.
  • Place caution signs to warn employees and/or patrons of uneven floor surfaces, elevation changes, or other potential trip hazards.
  • Provide adequate lighting throughout the restaurant. Moving from light to dark areas or vice versa can cause temporary vision problem that could be just enough to cause a person to trip or slip.

In summary, successful control of the hazards associated with slip and fall exposures will result in a safer workplace. Restaurants in San Francisco are some of the highly competitive and complex businesses. Each restaurant faces unique exposures.

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