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San Francisco Restaurant Insurance: Slip and Fall Injuries Part 1

San Francisco Restaurant Insurance Slip and Fall Injuries Part 1San Francisco Restaurant Insurance: Slip and Fall Injuries Part 1

Restaurants of all sizes in San Francisco are exposed to potential risks. Some of these hazards are uncontrollable and unpredictable, but many of those risks can be mitigated. In the restaurant industry, there are four major types of hazards; safety, biological, physical, and chemical.

This week we will be answering the following questions:
1. What is the most common insurance claim for restaurants?
2. How often do these claims occur?
3. What are the causes of the claim?
4. How much does it cost?

What is the most common insurance claim for restaurants?
Actually, Slip and falls come up first as the number one cause of accidents in both restaurants and hotels accounting for a total of 27% of all workers’ compensation claims and 30% of all general liability claims.

What are its causes?
• walking surface conditions (wet or damp floors)
• clutter and obstructions on the floor
• potholes in the parking lot
• improper cleaning
• poor flooring (as a result of poor manufacturing)

How often does it occur? 
Over 500,000 slip and fall injuries require hospital care, in which 300,000 result in disability.
Slip and fall injuries also account for 30% of the injuries reported and 40% of general liability claims.

How much does it cost?
On average, a general liability claim costs around $3,550. According the National Floor Safety Institute.

Restaurants in San Francisco are some of the highly competitive and complex businesses. Each restaurant faces unique exposures. DiNicola Insurance Services provides business  insurance, employee benefits, and risk management services in communities throughout the San Francisco Bay area, including San Mateo, San Jose, Alameda, and Marin County, California. To get started on a complete insurance program for your San Francisco restaurant insurance, contact us by phone at 855.247.1912


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