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San Francisco Restaurant Insurance: Cutting Food Costs

San Francisco Restaurant Insurance Cutting Food Costs

San Francisco Restaurant Insurance: Cutting Food Costs

Working in the restaurant industry, you have may financial considerations to make. First and foremost, making sure that you are covered with the right San Francisco Restaurant Insurance policy is vital to maintaining your business operations. Equally important though, is cutting costs where you are able to.  For example, having a perfectly balanced menu with a multitude of items is an attractive way to bring in lots of guests, but a cumbersome menu may not be a good idea in the long run. To help your restaurant get going or stay in the green, here are some ways to cut food costs for your San Francisco Restaurant.

Monitor waste. Keeping track of how much waste you have, where it goes and when waste occurs. This is a simple yet effective tool to manage food costs. Understanding what foods have excessive waste, such as the fat that you trim off of large cuts of beef in-house, lets you better understand the actual food cost you are paying for rather than the number shown on your ordering sheet.

Provide easy to reference recipes. Although there are many reasons a customer may send their plate of food back, these types of food losses are occasionally caused by line cooks due to the extraordinary speed required during line service. In order to combat these losses and reduce food costs, it is advisable to provide your cooks with easy to read recipes that they can reference on the fly. This will improve the speed and accuracy of your cooks and eliminate possible error or waste.

Rotate inventory. Making sure that all your food is dated and used by its’ expiration date cuts down on wasted food and money. All employees must employ the FIFO (First In, First Out) rule so that less waste occurs in the restaurant.

Consider seasonal food. Because produce grows better in certain seasons than others, you can save money by buying foods based on their availability. For example, strawberries grow best between April and June. If you were to substitute strawberries with another cheaper fruit in winter, you can cut food costs.

Excelling in the fast paced restaurant industry is a challenging, yet rewarding, venture. At DiNicola Insurance Services, we understand the challenges you face as a restaurant owner or manager, which is why we provide comprehensive San Francisco CA Restaurant Insurance, including Liability Insurance coverage and more, to match your needs. We offer you peace of mind so that you can focus on filling out your seats and serving your guests. For more information, please contact us today at (855) 247-1912.

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