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San Francisco Liquor Liability Insurance: 2014 Spirits Trends

San Francisco Liquor Liability Insurance 2014 Spirits Trends

San Francisco Liquor Liability Insurance: 2014 Spirits Trends 

The food industry is notoriously competitive. It has become extremely difficult for chefs, restaurateurs and local mom-and-pop establishments alike to break away from the pack and establish themselves. Standing apart can be exceptionally difficult in the libations industry. Understanding ever changing consumer trends and preferences is essential to the survival of any establishment.

While San Francisco consumers continue to search for new ways to let loose, beverage crafters and establishment owners alike must stay ahead of the trends to get some attention. In a recent interview with Liquor.com bartending legend and adviser Dale DeGroff discussed the top trends cocktail crafting trends in 2014. His assessment of industry developments complemented the findings of trend-trackers newBrandAnalytics who sifted through social media outlets such as Yelp, Twitter and Facebook examining posts about over 40,000 drink and cocktails from 100 trendy restaurants across the nation.

According to both DeGroff and the newBrandAnalytics, the top trends in the spirits service industry this year include:

  • Gin, whiskey and rum are gaining popularity as a topic of conversation following and a rise in availability of beverages showcasing the versatility of these spirits over the last year.
  • Craft beers, ciders and artisan liquors are trending as well. Micro-breweries are increasingly prevalent and a resurgent use of bitters is shaping the current bartending climate.
  • Exotic and tropical fruit flavors continue to prove favorable to consumers. Lychee, passion fruit, pear, pineapple and mango are some of the most enjoyed flavors especially in mojitos and margaritas.
  • There is also an unexpected rise in savory drink crafting. DeGroff explains that bartenders are to pushing the limits of spirits by incorporating more savory flavors into their beverages, for example including black pepper and olive oil in some martini variations.
  • Finally, there is huge upswing to reinstate simplicity and elegance back into the world of cocktails and libations. Many consumers are reverting to classing beverages, enjoying their simplicity and elegance of flavors. DeGroff suggests that this trend will result in the creation of “new classics” in the spirit of minimalism.

If your business sells, serves, manufactures or provides alcohol to patrons or guests a San Francisco Liquor Liability Insurance policy is an essential for your food and beverage service business. At DiNicola our Liquor Liability Insurance can be added onto a Commercial Liability Insurance policy or established as a separate, stand-alone policy. Contact us at 855.247.1912 for more information about all of our Insurance offers.

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