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The Basics of San Francisco Liability Insurance

The Basics of San Francisco Liability InsuranceThe Basics of San Francisco Liability Insurance

As a business owner, you likely have many questions, especially if your business is new. What can you do to make it the most profitable? How can you best market your products or services? And equally important, how do you determine what type of financial protection you need in terms of insurance?

General liability insurance is the most basic and absolutely necessary insurance coverage your business will need. You may think that you are unlikely to face any type of insurance claim, however we live in a litigious society, and lawsuits do happen. Keep in mind, the most you will typically spend on a San Francisco Liability Insurance policy is around $2,000, whereas fighting a lawsuit in court could cost your business thousands, if not millions, of dollars.

How much coverage do you need? This will depend on many factors; the type of business you are in, and the perceived risk associated with it being two of those factors. For example, a building contractor may need more general liability coverage than a web designer. Another factor to consider is your business location; some states have been known to award more in damages to plaintiffs claiming personal injury than in other states.

In addition to a standard San Francisco Liability Insurance policy, the U.S. Small Business Administration recommends that, depending on your type of business, you look into Business Auto Insurance, Liquor Liability, and more. At DiNicola, we offer comprehensive San Francisco Business Insurance policies for all of your business needs. Please contact us today at (855) 247-1912 to learn more.

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