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San Francisco Cyber Liability InsuranceSan Francisco Cyber Liability Insurance

The popular deal website LivingSocial recently announce a cyber-breach in April. The breach involved the release of over 50 million customer names, email addresses and encrypted passwords.

The breach highlights the vulnerability of online business operations. Almost every business, regardless of their size, conducts a portion of its business online. From customer tracking to personal and financial information, businesses now store a large amount of sensitive data on computers and online.

What’s more, cyber-security breaches don’t just happen to large corporations. In fact, small to midsize businesses are especially vulnerable because they don’t have the resources to put robust security systems in place.

Cyber-thieves are opportunists. They will target any business or operation where they find loopholes to get in to. According to Business Insurance, a recent study found that more than one-half of small and midsize U.S. businesses have experienced at least one data breach. To protect their operations, companies should implement enterprise-wide cyber security programs that includes firewalls and other anti-intrusion technologies. In addition, employees should all be trained on the ins and outs of cyber security and how to prevent any breaches from occurring, and also how to respond in case one does occur.

The threat isn’t simply limited to technology firms either. Healthcare organizations store thousands of private patient medical records. Restaurants have access to patrons credit card information. And sometimes, cyber crimes are a matter of simple negligence or error.

What’s more, standard business policies don’t typically cover cyber-liability. Not only could your business be held liable for damages, but costs associated with notifying victims and getting legal help can become astronomical.

At DiNicola Insurance Services, we help our clients identify cyber protocols that create a defensive barrier to computer crime, and we offer a variety of cyber liability insurance policies that pay for costs associated with cyber errors and cyber-crime, including damages caused to someone by your computer operations. Contact us today for more information about our San Francisco Cyber Liability Insurance programs (855) 247-1912

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