Experience Mod Management

Analyzing Your Workers Comp Program

Since businesses in California must carry Workers Compensation insurance, it is an expense and a protection that every company has, premiums differ. How can you make sure your business isn’t paying more than its fair share?

If we told you we could reduce your Workers Compensation premium by 27%, would you give us 15 minutes to explain how?

Worker’s Compensation is getting more complicated every day.

Often claims adjusters have overwhelming numbers of claims to process and as a result take an exceedingly long time to settle pending Work Comp files. Reserves are set high for ultimate settlement as opposed to what current claim information supports at any given time, and consequently they are often overstated for unit statistical plan filing purposes. All of these factors can result in your experience modifier being overstated by up to 27 points.

Here’s how DiNicola Insurance Services can help.

Our Experience Mod Management service allows you to leverage the knowledge and experience that can only be acquired by reducing open reserves over a third of a billion dollars. One of our core value added services is access to the nation’s premier workers’ compensation cost control system. They have a documented history of auditing workers’ compensation files, reducing open reserves by 30% and lowering experience modifiers by 27 points. Ultimately this decreases your premium costs.

With our Experience Mod Management Service, our agency can provide you with:

  • A complete list of claims under audit that includes a comprehensive breakdown
  • of individual claim information.
  • A list of documented reserve reductions, which result in premium dollar savings.
  • An experience modifier verification at renewal, a projection at mid-term.
  • Experience modifier revisions as appropriate.

Let us start reducing your work comp premiums TODAY.

We will conduct a thorough review of your experience modifier to identify errors like subrogatable losses, missing payroll and clerical mistakes among others. Oversights like these can impact your modifier for up to three years and generate retroactive refunds when corrected.

What’s more, our loss-control experts work with employer clients to help with safety reviews and risk management programs designed to educate your employees and minimize their chances of being injured or becoming ill on the job.

We take your experience modification to the next level of accuracy.

DiNicola Insurance Services provides commercial insurance, employee benefits, and risk management services in communities throughout the San Francisco Bay area, including San Mateo, San Jose, Alameda, and Marin County, California. To get started on a complete insurance program for your business needs, contact us by phone at 855.247.1912 or by email, or you can complete and send the form on this page.