Claims Management

Helping You Manage Claims, Stem Losses

Purchasing insurance from DiNicola Insurance Services is just one facet of a rich professional relationship with us. We believe in exceptional service both before and after the sale, so we will be there to help you in the event you have a claim.

While some claims are simpler than others, all involve some sort of property damage, loss or injury—whether it is physical, financial, or emotional. If your business has been shut down by a catastrophe of some sort or an employee or patron has been seriously hurt, you have more to think about than paperwork and red tape.

In the case of a workers compensation claim, there is a complex process that involves many important parties: the employee, the employer, the insurer, the insurance agent, and medical professionals—including doctors, nurses, hospitals, pharmacists, physical therapists, and more.

A claim experience of any kind can be dizzying if you have to go it alone. That’s why DiNicola Insurance Services provides claims management services for our clients. Our experienced professionals are there to receive your claim and help you through the entire process. We work with you and your insurer to facilitate communications and help you understand your policy to the fullest.

We are your first call and best resource when you have a claim.

DiNicola Insurance Services provides commercial insurance, employee benefits, and risk management services in communities throughout the San Francisco Bay area, including San Mateo, San Jose, Alameda, and Marin County, California. To get started on a complete insurance program for your business needs, contact us by phone at 855.247.1912 or by email, or you can complete and send the form on this page.