Wellness Programs

Assisting You in Promoting Wellness in Your Organization

Don’t let the high cost of health insurance get you and your employees down. In just the past couple of years, health insurers have begun offering wellness programs that assist policyholders with healthy lifestyle actions that can lead to reduced medical expenses.

Wellness Programs encompass a broad array of activities—from nurse consultations on chronic disease management to incentive-based exercise and weight-loss regimens and many things in between. DiNicola Insurance Services and our insurer partners often make Wellness Programs part of the healthcare insurance plan menu we offer.

Companies can enhance healthy lifestyle options with on-site support, such as a lunch-hour walking group or different fitness challenges that employees can join, or with off-site voluntary benefits, such as discounted gym memberships. Our employee benefits professionals can show you programs that have worked elsewhere and options that appeal to workers.

Heart-related and vascular disease, obesity, and diabetes can all be controlled with medication, diet and exercise, and employers can be a contributing player in improved employee lifestyle choices. Wellness programs done right can be positively life changing for employees and can save companies money on health care.

Make wellness part of your company’s culture.

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