Voluntary Benefits Solutions

Offering Employees Choices and Flexibility in their Benefit Plans

Companies can build out a strong Employee Benefits menu with Voluntary Benefits Solutions—products or services paid for by the employee but at a reduced rate since offered through the employer.

DiNicola Insurance Services can enrich your benefits program with Voluntary Employee Benefits that include a wide number of choices, such as accident insurance, critical illness insurance, and vision insurance. Some of these are supplemental benefits that enhance other coverage possibly offered through an employer-sponsored healthcare plan.

Even if your company offers health care, your employees might prefer to have some extra financial support in case of a critical illness diagnosis. A critical illness insurance policy pays a lump-sum cash benefit upon a qualifying diagnosis of a covered illness or condition. The money doesn’t have to be used for medical expenses. It can pay for hired help around the house or other bills that must be paid while the policyholder is absent from work.

Accident insurance covers accident-related expenses that are not usually covered under a health insurance policy. That could include transportation costs for medical treatment as well as personal bills that keep coming, even when an employee is laid up.

More than 57% of younger workers in a 2012 insurer study said they are interested in a wider selection of voluntary benefits at work, and 62% said they are willing to bear more of the cost of their workplace benefits in order to keep them.

Your benefits menu can be broadened without additional company outlays.

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