Workers Compensation

Helping to Stem Workers Comp Losses, Drive Down Costs

California requires employers to carry Workers Compensation insurance. It protects your company’s assets and financially assists workers who are injured, disabled, or made ill in the course of their work duties.

At DiNicola Insurance Services, our insurance professionals are well acquainted with the requirements for employers regarding Workers Compensation insurance—even when your operations cross state lines. We also understand what insurers are looking for in a policyholder and can advise you on how to secure the most competitive pricing.

Your claims history and your worksite safety record factor heavily in your insurability and your premiums. Often referred to as your experience modification, experience modifier, or simply your “mod,” this calculation is the basis for adjustments to your premium. Our insurance professionals use the AcuComp system to automate the most accurate estimation of your experience modifier and calculation of your actual loss history and costs. With a good loss history, the AcuComp system can lower experience modifiers leading to savings on the cost of your workers comp insurance.

Additionally, our risk management specialists will help you with safety reviews and hazard abatement programs designed to educate your employees and minimize their chances of being injured or becoming ill.

Our top-rated insurance companies work with us to provide excellent insurance products as well as helpful risk and claims management services. We also offer return-to-work programs in partnership with our insurers that minimize employee down time and help workers re-engage at their companies, even if still on light-duty jobs. Additionally, we keep you abreast of OSHA requirements as well as state laws that affect your safety programs.

Workers compensation insurance protects you and your employees.

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