Professional Liability Insurance

Securing the Right Coverage for Your Profession

Firms offering professional services have risks that go beyond property loss. Your patients or clients trust you with their health and well-being, personally and professionally. If you make an error or fail in your professional duty toward them, you could be presented with a liability claim that seeks compensation for their injuries or loss.

In the case of medical malpractice claims, the costs can be staggering. In 2011, seven states registered their largest-ever medical malpractice damage awards, and the cost and frequency of medical professional liability super losses—those greater than $50 million—are increasing. And the news isn’t much better for architects, engineers, lawyers, realtors, and other professionals who can be held responsible for damages caused by errors and omissions.

A general liability policy usually excludes coverage for professional services, so firms must turn to a professional liability insurance policy, often referred to as errors and omissions insurance (E&O insurance) or—in the case of medical professionals—medical malpractice insurance.

A good risk management program can help your practice avoid accusations of professional errors or negligence. At DiNicola Insurance Services, our advisors specialize in risk abatement, as well as professional liability insurance. We would like to provide you with a review of your risk profile and insurance portfolio.

Turn to us for professional liability risk management services.

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