Employment Practices Liability

Helping to Take the Risk Out of Employee Liability

Employment practices liability claims are one of the leading causes of lawsuits and government action against employers, and they aren’t covered under a standard business insurance policy.

Allegations of unfair treatment of employees span every aspect of personnel relations—hiring, terminations, overtime pay, leave, promotions, and inter-office relationships, to name just a few. Complaints of sexual harassment and racial or gender discrimination in additional to wage and hour disputes are commonplace. Companies that are accused of employment practices violations can face costly penalties and expensive defense fees. Even businesses that try hard to treat employees fairly can run afoul of the law or be accused of wrongful practices.

Coverage can also be extended to cover claims of harassment and discrimination from third parties such as vendors or customers.

At DiNicola Insurance Services, we work with clients to structure an employment practices risk management program backed up by top-rated Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI).

An Employment Practices Liability policy steps in where Directors and Officers insurance and General Liability insurance leave off. It can pay for legal costs, settlements and damages associated with employment practices allegations. Coverage protects your company, your leadership and even employees. Its guidelines usually encompass most claims of discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination and workplace misconduct that lead to emotional or physical distress. It also covers breach of contract issues.

Your goodwill and your good record won’t completely shield you. Talk to a DiNicola Insurance Services advisor about protecting your company against employment practices liability claims.

Go beyond good will with great employment practices insurance.

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