Directors & Officers Insurance

Protecting Your Company and Its Leaders

Executive officers and boards of directors continue to be under intense scrutiny, with more being expected of them each year. Their duties include overseeing company resources, regulatory compliance, and workplace operations in a broad sense. If they are found negligent in the execution of their duties, they as individuals and your company as a legal entity could be held liable for costly damages and might be subject to government or regulatory investigation.

At DiNicola Insurance Services, we offer Directors and Officers insurance—often called D&O insurance—to protect your company and its leaders in case of accusations that they failed in their oversight or fiduciary duties. D&O insurance can pay legal fees, financial settlements, damages, and some civil penalties if those are assessed. It may also cover investigative costs, depending on the policy.

Our professionals stay abreast of the latest trends in D&O risks for both privately held and public companies. Since Directors & Officers insurance can be complicated, it’s critical that you have an insurance professional help you find the right policy—whether that is protection for individual directors and officers (Side A coverage), indemnification of directors and officers by the company (Side B), or coverage for the company itself (Side C). Your DiNicola Insurance Services advisor will help you select a policy based on your company’s bylaws, risks, and management structure.

We lead the way in leadership protection.

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