Pollution Liability Insurance

Protecting Against Environmental Accidents

A general liability insurance policy covers basic commercial liability risks, but it usually excludes coverage for incidents involving pollution.

If your company is found liable for bodily injury or property damage due to the release of fuel, chemicals, toxic gases, or other contaminants or corrosives, it might be held responsible for damages and clean-up costs.

Those most at risk are in the contracting, manufacturing, medical, and transportation industries, but many other businesses are also affected, including farms and small businesses like drycleaners, landscapers, and restaurants. Even professional groups such as doctors, health clinics and surgical centers could face risks if their waste is released or improperly stored or disposed of.

Sometimes available as commercial Pollution Legal Liability insurance, this product covers owners and operators across a wide variety of industries. It often responds to both sudden and gradual pollution events and can cover on-site and off-site problems. Legal defense costs are usually included, and some policies provide an option for an extended reporting period for claims.

There are many ways to tailor a Pollution Liability insurance policy, even including coverage for acquired properties and business interruption costs. At DiNicola Insurance Services, we will evaluate your business’s environmental liability risk and advise you on products that will protect you in the event of an accident, as well as procedures you can implement to minimize the chances of a claim.

Improper disposal or storage of waste puts your business at risk.

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