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In many businesses, property “floats”; that is, it is transported from place to place instead of remaining set at one site. A standard business insurance policy limits coverage for off-site property, which can mean a great deal of loss exposure for some companies. Inland Marine insurance can provide coverage for property that isn’t stored at the premises named in your commercial property insurance policy.

Inland Marine insurance also covers buildings that are under construction and the materials stored at them as well as accounts receivable, transmission towers, items in custody, and other things that are not generally thought of as your “property.” In some cases, Inland Marine works as a liability coverage for repair shops, drycleaners and other bailees that have customer property under their care.

High-end items, such as collectibles, fine art and musical instruments also can need the special coverage afforded by inland marine insurance. Typical classes covered by inland marine insurance include but aren’t limited to:

  • Bailees
  • Builders risk
  • Cargo
  • Contractor tools and equipment
  • Installation floater
  • Medical equipment
  • Television and communication

As part of your DiNicola Insurance Services experience, you will receive a thorough risk analysis, which includes an exhaustive review of your company’s particular property, locations and activities. Our professionals will help you identify gaps in your standard business property insurance that can be bridged using Inland Marine coverage.

Not all property falls under your business property policy.

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