Food Borne Illness

Insuring the Food Industry with Specialized Coverages

Whether you run a restaurant or are in the hospitality business, food-borne illness claims can lead to costly closures and related expenses, such as notifications, inspections, forensic investigations, business rehabilitation, and trade name restoration, among other costs.

A Food Borne Illness insurance policy covers risks faced by businesses in the food service industry that aren’t covered under a standard business insurance or general liability insurance policy. Food-Borne Illness insurance can also include coverage for some business income lost as a result of a covered incident, whether it’s accidental contamination or malicious tampering.

At DiNicola Insurance Services, our advisors are keenly aware of the different risks faced by businesses within restaurant and hospitality industry and have specific coverages designed to respond to those needs, including but not necessarily limited to coverage for improper handling, preparation, storage, packaging, processing, or manufacturing.

We keep abreast of regulations affecting your business and hazards that are excluded from your insurance coverage. Our advisors will work with your company to complete a risk analysis and provide risk management information to minimize the likelihood you will experience a food-borne illness claim.

Insurance for the food industry’s unique risks.

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