Equipment Breakdown

Keeping Your Operation Humming

The breakdown of a major piece of equipment or machinery could cause your business to lose expensive inventory, substantial income and customers. In addition to the direct losses, there is usually an expensive repair or replacement fee.

Standard business insurance typically covers losses due to fire, tornado, or other catastrophes, but it usually doesn’t cover events like sudden & unexpected mechanical breakdown, motor burnout, electrical surges, boiler malfunctions, or the collapse of pressurized tanks or containers. Many businesses rely on key equipment, such as:

  • Refrigeration
  • Manufacturing or production lines
  • Computers or robotics
  • Telecommunications
  • Ovens
  • People movers
  • Equipment lifts
  • Diagnostic equipment

At DiNicola Insurance Services, we don’t want to see your business crippled by an equipment failure. We offer Equipment Breakdown insurance that can cover:

  • Repair or replacement costs
  • Lost business income
  • Expenses related to temporary replacement equipment
  • Value of products spoiled due to breakdown and
  • Business recovery expenses

Equipment Breakdown insurance is more than just boiler and machinery insurance. It’s critical protection for your operational equipment. Some insurers offer a package property policy that includes equipment breakdown. In other cases, you’ll need a special policy tailored to your business.

Many of our insurer partners also offer risk management and maintenance services as part of their policies. Your DiNicola advisor will help you sift through your options and build a comprehensive insurance and risk program.

Equipment breakdown doesn’t have to break your business.

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