Business Interruption Insurance

Helping to Keep Your Doors Open with Business Interruption Coverage

Twenty-five percent of businesses that are shut down by a disaster for more than 30 days never reopen. How long could your business be closed before you couldn’t make essential payments?

Business Interruption insurance is one way to protect your company from major financial problems associated with a temporary shutdown forced by a covered cause of loss. This kind of policy, often called “time element insurance,” provides business income during the “time” your business is closed or significantly hampered by damage to your physical property.

At DiNicola Insurance Services, we help businesses throughout the San Francisco Bay area prepare for and recover from catastrophes. Our risk management team can help you with a disaster recovery plan and show you where you have gaps in your business insurance coverage.

Our business income insurance policies can pay for things like:

  • Net Income you would have made if your business hadn’t been damaged
  • Bills you have to pay even though you are closed
  • Costs associated with the use of a temporary location
  • Expenses incurred to keep your business open after a disaster, such as renting equipment to substitute for what was lost
  • Income deficiencies associated with recovery after you reopen

Some of these protections are included in a business interruption policy, and some are available as options, or riders, or as part of a business income with extra expense insurance policy.

We help our clients prepare and recover.

DiNicola Insurance Services provides commercial insurance, employee benefits, and risk management services in communities throughout the San Francisco Bay area, including San Mateo, San Jose, Santa Clara, Alameda, and Marin County, California. To get started on a complete insurance program for your business needs, contact us by phone at 855.247.1912 or by email, or you can complete and send the form on this page.

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