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Are California Worker Fatalities On The Rise?

Are California Worker Fatalities On The Rise?The Sacramento Business Journal recently reported that the number of Californians involved in work related accidental fatalities is on the rise. According to the most recent data from the California Department of Industrial Relations, California worker fatalities increased by nearly 6 percent between 2012 to 2013. In 2013 there were approximately 396 fatalities, according to new data from the department.

While some experts were quick to point out that the number of deaths could potentially be linked to higher employment rates, it is worth noting that the gains in overall employment in 2013 were not as dramatic in the rise in worker fatalities. According to California’s Employment Development Department, employment in California rose just under 2 percent from in 2013.

According to the data, the increase in worker fatalities spanned across most industries, however the most casualties were seen in administrative and waste services. Landscaping in particular saw the most significant increase in employee fatalities, which rose 57 percent to 44 deaths. The number of incidents faced by California manufacturing operations also rose significantly, by 25 percent to 35 deaths.

Preventing worker fatalities and injuries is the responsibility of the employer as well as the employees. According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the top risks that many industries face are using/ operating tools or machinery, transportation to and from job sites, falls, and complications that emerge from exposure to the elements. While California Workers’ Compensation coverage will help an operation bear the financial burdens associated with an accident resulting in worker death, injury or illness, precautionary measures should always be taken to avoid such accidents and the resulting losses and liability concerns.

At DiNicola Insurance Service, our insurance professionals are well acquainted with the requirements for California employers regarding Workers Comp insurance. We also understand what insurers are looking for in a policyholder and can advise you on how to secure the most competitive pricing. Claims history and your worksite safety record factor heavily in your insurability and your premiums, so it is vital that your operation is taking the right steps to prevent accidents. Our risk management specialists will help you with safety reviews and hazard abatement programs designed to educate your employees and minimize their chances of being injured or becoming ill. To learn more about how we can help protect your workers and your operation, contact us today at (855) 247-1912.

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