About Us

Welcome to DiNicola Insurance Services

Founded in 2001, DiNicola Insurance Services is a leader in bringing innovative insurance solutions to businesses and commercial property owners throughout California.

While many look at insurance as a commodity, we see it as a tool to craft a risk transfer and asset protection program for our clients. Every business is different, and we work with you to tailor a program to meet your individual needs.

As an independent broker, our first priority is to represent our clients. We work with some of the top regional and national insurance carriers to ensure that we are able to create a program of protection at the lowest possible price.

We are also there to assist with implementing loss control and risk management strategies that will help your business to minimize losses, and further reduce insurance premiums. In a volatile insurance marketplace, we help you position your business as an attractive candidate to carriers. While obtaining the lowest possible cost for your insurance coverage is a top priority, we work with our clients to develop strategies that will assist with lowering costs in the long term.