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2015 Employment Liability Trends Employers Can Expect

2015 Employment Liability Trends Employers Can Expect

2015 Employment Liability Trends Employers Can Expect

San Francisco employers shouldn’t be strangers to how much of a hot topic employee wellness has become in recent years. With more and more job seekers looking for fulfillment and happiness rather than money being their main motivator, employers have to work harder than ever to obtain and retain good employees. We also live in an increasingly litigious society, with companies consistently being exposed to San Francisco Employment Practices Liability risks. Due to this, it’s imperative that as a business owner, you be aware of the employment liability issues many employers expect to see in 2015.

For example, back in 2014 PTO laws in California were changed, with the new regulations allowing California employees to accrue one hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked, culmination in the accruement of up to 48 hours or a total of six paid sick days per year. As we progress into 2015, it’s important to ensure that your company is adhering to this rule. Employers much be compliant with their state and local laws.

Data privacy is another hot topic for San Francisco employers. Protecting company and employee privacy in the digital age has become a top priority, especially with such high profile data breach cases such as Target and, more recently, the Anthem cyber hack.

Wellness programs seem to be here to stay, and in 2015 employers must ensure that if they implement such a program, it has to comply with ADA, GINA, and FMLA. Employers should focus on providing incentives to employees who adopt healthy practices. However, they must be careful not to punish those who do not, or else they may certainly find themselves facing an employment liability claim.

The above mentioned trends are not the only factors that could contribute to an employment liability claim. At DiNicola, we understand the liability insurance risks faced by employers in various industries. To learn more about our products and services, please contact us today at (855) 247-1912.

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